I have worked for years with a major TV Procedural and learned much in the process. When working in the entertainment industry I understand that we are producing entertainment - not a documentary. I work with all of the involved parties to make the show as realistic as possible while still being entertaining and cost conscious. Typical services include:

  • Writer consultation
  • Script review
  • Actor consultation
  • Actor coaching
  • On set consultation

Writer consultation

Work with writers before or as they are writing their scripts. They will tell me what they want their characters to accomplish and I will tell them how they would do it. This includes proper verbiage, making sure characters actions are consistent with their position and that the scenario is realistic. I also work with them to develop ideas for upcoming episodes.

Script review

Even the best writers sometime "don't know what they don't know." I review various drafts of the script to make sure there are no procedural errors or mistaken dialogue. I also review the actions the police charters are taking to make sure they are legally and procedurally valid.

Actor consultation

I will meet with actors and discuss various issues in police work. We talk about the various types of tension they will face. I work with them on their backstory explaining some of the experiences they would have had in their career prior to reaching the point being depicted in the show.

Actor coaching

On the set during a shoot I will show actors how to act physically as a police officer. This includes their handling of weapons, approaching subjects, moving through a crime scene or tactical area. I also verify that all uniforms and vehicles markings are correct for what they are trying to portray.

On set consultation

I will work with the director, set dressers and prop masters to make sure a scene is staged properly. I will help position actors (extras) and equipment to accurately portray what a given scene would look like.

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