Large corporations engage companies to test their employees' adherence to company policy, the attractiveness and cleanliness of their facilities and to test general sales techniques. Small businesses can now enjoy the same type of information about their business.

We will work with you to determine what information is critical to your business. It can be as simple as checking to make sure stores are open on time and not closing earlier than they should to seeing how various classes of customers are treated.

Is one shift or team of employees getting significantly better or worse results than another? Would you like to know why? We can help you determine what one team is doing right or what another is doing wrong.

We can perform either random or targeted evaluations. You set up the schedule and frequency. We work with you to develop the scenarios you want tested. We can provide investigators of various ages, sexes, races and physical capabilities. We can document how your employees treat different types of customers.

We have the capability to document our encounters with your employees through video and audio surveillance. You can see and hear exactly how your employees are performing and make sure they are meeting your standards.

While each individual observation will be done covertly we suggest that you inform employees that these observations will be taking place. We also recommend that you inform employees of the results of their performance after the fact. We can design reports to share with your employees that make it difficult for the employee to know exactly who conducted the observation. The goal is for your employees to treat all of your customers as if they are working for us.

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