We can help you set up a practical security program for your company that balances your security concerns with your business needs.

Security Assessments

  • Check your physical location
    • Lighting
    • Locks
    • Cameras
    • Alarms
  • Check your procedures
  • Recommend business friendly, cost effective improvements.

No one agency can supply every service a client might need. That is why we maintain a network of people and companies who are the best in class of their particular specialty. The services we have access to include

Tenant screening

Landlords, you are leaving tenants in control of one of your most valuable assets - your property. Before you rent find out if your prospective tenant:

  • Has a criminal record
  • Is a registered sex offender
  • Has a history of destroying property or skipping out on rent

Background Investigation

All of our background screening investigations are conducted in accordance with the ASIS pre-employment screening guidelines . We ensure that all Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements are met. You should know that there is no "Nationwide Criminal Record Database", other than the FBI, which few private employers may use. Call us for an appointment to go over your hiring practices so that you can hire the best employee for your company and keep your customers, employees and business safe.


If you have reason to believe that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful we will conduct an investigation to confirm or allay your fears. We employ a variety of investigative techniques to obtain the information you need. If you have engaged an attorney we will work with your counsel to help them build their case. Our investigators are trained in conducting legal social media investigations.

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